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WiMAX Solutions multitude of modern technologies to achieve creative, functional, and effective design for our projects.
Our web development follows the guidance of the World Wide Web Consortium  to create interoperable and functional websites.
The foundation of our work is based on the current model of HTML and XHTML; we also incorporate Flash into our projects thanks to its robust features and dynamic capabilities. Working collectively with the foundation of web development are special programming languages that enable us to create rich, dynamic content for your project. The backbone to our dynamic creativity derives from JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, CGI, and ActionScript. We often integrate MySQL & MSsql databases, Java applets, XML, and AJAX into our work to help achieve ultimate functionality and to meet specific user requirements. We also expertise with  Payment Gateway and Other third party application integration with websites that allow customers to have better solution oriented to its businessesmore


The World Wide Web and its associated technologies are changing everyday, which requires us to maintain proficiency through education and experience.We are never finished learning and are committed to gaining as much knowledge as possible in web development, after all, we always follow cutting-edge technology
to bring-up renovated solutions to our prestigious clientelesmore




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